Hot Water Challenge Gone Bad Again

An eleven years old girl was severely burnt on Monday when her classmate poured scalding hot water on her during a sleepover.

The burnt was as a result of a social media stunt “The hot water challenge”, where an unsuspecting person are poured hot water by their friends. 

Eleven year old Jamoniesha Merritt get burn in her face, chest and back region according to New York Post on Wednesday. 

Merritt who was invited for a sleepover on Sunday night at Bronx became a of victim of this tragedy when a twelve year old girl allegedly poured hot water on her.

The alleged girl has been taken to police station and charged with felony said the police.

“I am really sad, I’m emotionally messed up because I cannot imagine why they did that to her because I thought they were her friends”, Merritt’s mother said.

It is pertinent to recall that a boy,10 years of age known as Wesley Smith from North Carolina also received burns last month from this same hot water challenge.

He and his step brother tried out the challenge after watching the video online. Smith poured scalding hot water on himself and requires several surgeries to recover.


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