NAPIMS: NUPENG threatens to shut down oil industry

Warri— Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers, NUPENG,  has threatened to shut down the oil industry over perceived moves to reduce the regulatory powers of Nigerian Petroleum Investment Management Services Limited, NAPIMS, in the new petroleum policy approved by the Federal Executive Council.
Describing the move as inimical to the nation’s oil sector, NUPENG’s General Secretary, Mr. Joseph Ogbebor, in a statement, yesterday, in Warri, Delta State, said: “We will resist the move to strip NAPIMS of its responsibility of regulatory costing of projects and using an independent consultant.
“We kick against it because of the past failures of government restructuring and privatisation process of PHCN and others.
“This is a way of robbing Peter to pay Paul by pushing the costing of projects to an independent regulator, which will emerge from the restructuring of the Department of Petroleum Resources, DPR.
“The move is self-serving, selfish, unjustifiable, not workable, uncalled for and meant to serve the interest of the promoter and will do the oil and gas industry no good. We, therefore,  call for its stoppage forthwith or else we may be forced to embark on an industrial action to reverse the trend.”
NUPENG believes that the process will not be transparent and can be teleguided.  NAPIMS was established to manage the Federal Government’s investments and interests in the upstream sector of the country’s oil industry had done well in its regulatory functions with all the ten divisions working and it should therefore not be used as a blackmail to score cheap political points.
“We therefore,  call on the Federal Government to jettison the plan and not gazette it as it is meant to satisfy certain selfish interests and not for the sector to move forward. NUPENG will not fold its hands and see any form of restructuring in NAPIMS that will lead to job losses, as it must be resisted.”


ABUJA- According to MINISTER of Education, Adamu Adamu on Thursday, he said that the on-going strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), will be called off next week.
He made this statement on Thursday in Abuja when he appeared before the Senator Jibrin Barau, APC, Kano North led Senate Committee on Tertiary Institutions and TETFUND, the minister disclosed that executive arm of government has commenced plans to ensure that it honours the agreement between the federal government and ASUU.

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​Tomi Adesina is a screenwriter and fiction series blogger based in Lagos, Nigeria. She blogs at

Tomi started blogging in 2012 and has been privileged to be a recipient of awards like “Best Writing Blog” in the 2013 edition of the Nigerian Blog Award and Young Writer of the Year in the 2016 edition of the Nigerian Writers Award. She has completed several amazing fiction series on her blog.
Other works include: Deadline (Season 1), Broadway (A Ghanaian Telenovela), Feisty John (A Homevida project for Internet security) and the now trending Hakkunde by Asurf Oluseyi.

George’s Pieces of Me is Tomi’s first published work, and it is a collection of poems and short stories.

Where do you hail from? 

– I’m from Osun state. 

Tell us about your family and education background 

– I have three brothers, I am the only girl born to our parents. I attended various schools as a kid so it’s some work listing them but from the ones I remember – Caleb Nursery, Primary, Secondary schools, Jextoban Secondary school and then I graduated from St Francis Catholic School. I attended Bowen University for my first degree and had my second degree from the University of Lagos. 

What ignited the desire to venture into writing being a microbiologist? 

– I have always been a writer. I have a first degree in Microbiology and second degree in Environmental Biology but writing will always be home for me. I have been a writer before my degrees. 

What inspire your book particularly the title? 

– The character George is one that interests me and seeing his development come to life even in stories is something I’m particular about. I think George represents me in a sense and also he’s a relatable human and so the audience can connect with him and his struggles and also his triumphs. 

Five years ago you tweeted that you want to have your book published, how do you feel seeing your dream come through?  

– It’s an amazing feeling and one that I’m thankful to God for the privilege. I am really excited about it. 

What has been your most frustrating experience as a writer? 

– Trying to get published. It’s been a task hence there was the need to take really instructive steps as regards seeing it come to life. I feel we don’t have enough publishing houses here in Nigeria or better yet, we don’t have publishing houses willing to take a risk on first time writers, maybe because of the uncertainty surrounding their prospects/talents but I feel there’s a market for every writer and they just need someone to recognise it and give them the necessary nudge. 

Do you think we have enough writers in Nigeria especially among the youths? 

– I don’t particularly think there can ever be enough writers. But there’s a teeming populace and it’s really interesting. We can always do better. 

What should your fans look out for at your forthcoming book launch?  

– A beautiful experience, by God’s Grace. Poetry, music, laughs and a book 

In three sentences, advice youths that are aspiring to be a good writer like you 

– I won’t be able to do three sentences, but most importantly, write and write and write…then read too. 

Thank you, 

Tomi Adesina 

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RCCG Bans ‘Aso Ebi’

​The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), has banned popular wedding uniform outfit, popularly known as Aso ebi.

Petty lies, usually told at wedding engagement ceremony, has also been declared ungodly and banned forthwith.
Wife of the General Overseer of the church and Mother-in-Isreal, Pastor Folu Adeboye made these known on Saturday at the women’s meeting, which was a part of the activities of the 65th annual convention of the church themed “Halleluyah”.

According to the Nigerian Tribune, she stated at the meeting that compelling members of the church to participate in Aso ebi during special programmes in local assemblies was ungodly.

The news that some members of the church without financial power to buy such uniforms, were excluded from the programmes for which the uniforms were sown, was seriously repudiated by the church leadership.

She noted that Aso ebi which should ordinarily be for the family, must not be elevated to the point of making it to overshadow the spiritual life of the congregants.

She warned that such un-Christianly act of keeping church members out of programmes because of Aso ebi, must never be heard again among the women in the church, adding that those caught would be severely sanctioned.

She stated that the concept of appearing in compulsory uniformed attire for an occasion started with the world and should not be allowed to take a firm space in the church.

She also frowned on the idea of what is seen as petty lies during Christian wedding engagement, where those conducting such events would have to engage in lies to make money from the attendees.

Pastor Adeboye explained that with God, there is no white or black lie, small or big lie, stating that when attendees are asked to bring air fare to fly in, an item already provided for at the event venue, those involved are simply engaging in ungodly act which is a sin.

She called for moderation among Christian women, saying that their focus should be bringing halleluyah and spirituality into their homes and not engaging in the ungodly acts of the unbelievers.

ASUU Commence Indefinite Strike Nationwide

More updates coming soon.

ASUU Threatens Indefinite Strike

Sequel to the Academic Staff Union of Universities’ grievance on the failure of the federal government fulfil her 2009 agreement and 2013 memorandum of understanding(MoU), an indefinte strike has been assumed due to the nationwide referendum conducted on August 10,2017.

 The result of the referendum conducted in University of Ibadan shows that majority of the staffs are in support of the indefinite strike. In a discussion with the Vice Chancellor, Professor Abel Idowu Olayinka, about the looming strike, he said,
    “Branches of ASUU Nationwide apparently conducted a referendum yesterday on some of their outstanding grievances with the Federal Government. I learnt that in UI, majority voted overwhelmingly for a comprehensive, total and indefinite strike. ASUU National EXCO will meet over the weekend to collate the ballots from various branches. We pray for a divine intervention as it seems that’s the only thing now that can still possibly prevent a complete shutdown of the various campuses as from next week. We have our fingers crossed”.
The academic calendar of the institution for the 2016/2017 session has also been affected in advance with the looming strike action.  The Vice chancellor expressed his displeasure against the forces that seem unstoppable. He plaintively responded that students would bear the brunt if such happens by going back home.
    “We don’t know as yet. I just want my boys and girls in Pharmacy to be allowed to complete their First Semester Exams. Obviously, if there is an indefinite strike, Students would bear the brunt by going back home while the already truncated calendar is thrown into a further state of disequilibrium. This hurts me personally but what can one do.”

 Most students of the University of Ibadan are of the opinion that there shouldn’t be any strike action because of the effect on the school calendar. 

University of Ibadan Makes Top 10 in Ranking

The latest 2017 African University ranking according to webometrics has South African institutions leading the list of Top Universities in Africa.

Since 2004, the Ranking Web (or Webometrics Ranking) is published twice a year (data is collected during the first weeks of January and July for being public at the end of both months), covering more than 20,000 Higher Education Institutions worldwide.

Webometrics intend to motivate both institutions and scholars to have a web presence that reflect accurately their activities.

Below is the latest ranking of top universities in Africa from number 1 to 20
    University of Cape Town

    University of the Witwatersrand

    Stellenbosch University

    University of Pretoria

    University of Kwazulu Natal

    Cairo University

    University of the Western Cape

    University of Johannesburg

    University of Ibadan

    Alexandria University

    Rhodes University

    North West University

    American University in Cairo

    University of South Africa

    Mansoura University

    Makerere University

    Ain Shams University

    University of the Free State

    Moi University

    Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.
The Webometrics Rank of a university is strongly linked to the volume and quality of the contents it publishes on the Web. Such contents should be originated by the faculty and other members of the university or by special agreement with external authors. It is not fair to use external contents for improving the rank of the university.

Glo Declares Free Data Day

Nigerian telecommunication giant, Globacom has declared Friday, 11th August 2017, as the first Free Data Day on its network.

According to a  statement from the telecommunications, this is keeping up with the company’s promise of the Free Data Day package which was launched recently, adding that eligible subscribers will get 200 MB free data to enjoy a free day of FREE browsing, chatting, streaming, downloading, uploading and lots more.

Glo subscriber should use 100MB plus N150 on voice calls or N250 on voice calls to qualify for the data largesse.

At the launch of the product, Globacom explained that it is open to all prepaid subscribers, adding that Free Data Day gives Glo customers free data for one whole day when they meet the voice and/or data usage threshold within seven days.

Hot Water Challenge Gone Bad Again

An eleven years old girl was severely burnt on Monday when her classmate poured scalding hot water on her during a sleepover.

The burnt was as a result of a social media stunt “The hot water challenge”, where an unsuspecting person are poured hot water by their friends. 

Eleven year old Jamoniesha Merritt get burn in her face, chest and back region according to New York Post on Wednesday. 

Merritt who was invited for a sleepover on Sunday night at Bronx became a of victim of this tragedy when a twelve year old girl allegedly poured hot water on her.

The alleged girl has been taken to police station and charged with felony said the police.

“I am really sad, I’m emotionally messed up because I cannot imagine why they did that to her because I thought they were her friends”, Merritt’s mother said.

It is pertinent to recall that a boy,10 years of age known as Wesley Smith from North Carolina also received burns last month from this same hot water challenge.

He and his step brother tried out the challenge after watching the video online. Smith poured scalding hot water on himself and requires several surgeries to recover.


I Am Patient

I’ve never been one to salivate

After accolades and exalted seats.

I’ve never yarned to be a role model 

But if I am to become one 

It’ll be of Patience.
I am not talking about

The grammar plundering one

The one whose atrocities 

No court could stand

She broke no civil or criminal laws

She only broke our hearing.
I am talking of the one domiciled

In the P section of my dictionary.

The very elusive one 

That you have to practice to find.
I am patient.

My patience is the type

That prefers beans to rice

My patience has seen me

Languish on the friend zone

Six months too long

But at least I got the prize.
I am patient

Enough not to switch lanes

When caught in a go slow.

I wait.

The clear path will come,

I will coast on it.
I don’t mind the traffic,

Home is assured.

I don’t mind the waiting,

Beans is awesome.

I don’t mind the zone,

She is gorgeous 

I don’t mind patience

When the result is assured.
Don’t however tell me to wait

Don’t preach to me about going slow

When no one knows 

If he’ll capitulate

Or revitalise. 
The least I can beg of him is to move fast.

I do not ask him to break the speed limit

I only ask that he moves.
My flesh Burns and the clinic

Is stationary.

My heart aches and the critic

Is revolutionary. 

If he must go slow,

Let him. 

But don’t preach patience

To the man who burns.

Don’t seal the lips

Of the critic who taunts.
Baba, move

Don’t break the limits

But endeavour to match it

We’ve waited long enough.
Thank God our cards 

Are now made of plastic

It is strong enough 

For the 4 year wait.
(C) Innocent