RCCG Bans ‘Aso Ebi’

​The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), has banned popular wedding uniform outfit, popularly known as Aso ebi.

Petty lies, usually told at wedding engagement ceremony, has also been declared ungodly and banned forthwith.
Wife of the General Overseer of the church and Mother-in-Isreal, Pastor Folu Adeboye made these known on Saturday at the women’s meeting, which was a part of the activities of the 65th annual convention of the church themed “Halleluyah”.

According to the Nigerian Tribune, she stated at the meeting that compelling members of the church to participate in Aso ebi during special programmes in local assemblies was ungodly.

The news that some members of the church without financial power to buy such uniforms, were excluded from the programmes for which the uniforms were sown, was seriously repudiated by the church leadership.

She noted that Aso ebi which should ordinarily be for the family, must not be elevated to the point of making it to overshadow the spiritual life of the congregants.

She warned that such un-Christianly act of keeping church members out of programmes because of Aso ebi, must never be heard again among the women in the church, adding that those caught would be severely sanctioned.

She stated that the concept of appearing in compulsory uniformed attire for an occasion started with the world and should not be allowed to take a firm space in the church.

She also frowned on the idea of what is seen as petty lies during Christian wedding engagement, where those conducting such events would have to engage in lies to make money from the attendees.

Pastor Adeboye explained that with God, there is no white or black lie, small or big lie, stating that when attendees are asked to bring air fare to fly in, an item already provided for at the event venue, those involved are simply engaging in ungodly act which is a sin.

She called for moderation among Christian women, saying that their focus should be bringing halleluyah and spirituality into their homes and not engaging in the ungodly acts of the unbelievers.



First Sunday of the month I #pepperdemdown

you sabi now…All those isale apoti
it was indeed a wonderful atmosphere as I stepped into the auditorium feeling like a princess waiting by her father to be given to her prince charming
The choir added their angelic sauce 

mehn, I left this world and came back like a rocket in the sky

Amidst all this travelling and revelation, I decided to cross my leg as soon as the pastor mounted the alter

chai, I felt the piercing. It entered so deep that I couldn’t help but scream, oh my gosh (laugh).
The words were jumping out like a premeditated presentation

ko ye mi o, am I the only person feeling the anointing? 

Anyway sha, I kept my cool because I couldn’t forget the piercing in a giffy
However,  there is a problem

and the problem is that, there is an iota of distraction between the pierced and “piercee”

All of these wahala in a service not more than two hours, hmm!

Me I kuku add my girlie act..
But on a truthful note o

chai! This dude with the piercing eyes is really cute

you mean how do I know?

why won’t I when I have eyes☺

I peeped like three to four times to be sure he was actually communicating with his eyes to me…

je jen… This was very interesting

at the rap up of the sermon, God led pastor to tell us to hold hands

Action time…
Bros couldn’t wait o

he grabbed my hand as soon as he noticed I wanted to turn to someone else

in my mind I was like… ori e pe omo mi (you’re a correct dude my child)

But wait o

what does it mean when a guy hold you and he start tickling your palm:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

I yaff die

I couldn’t even pray again

all lost in the meaning and interpretation of the situation. 

Hmm!  girl must sha be girl

I held him firmly and was shaking my head

suddenly, prayer ended.
We all sat and I picked my phone 

just fumbling through the phone unnecessarily

Then it was thanksgiving time.

That period of plenty plenty dance step.
I picked my Alanta to shoki straight to shakitibobo then rounded up with dab

shebi I can’t come and kill myself.  lol

he just kept smiling 
it’s 1:30pm

service yaz pheenish

Guess what?

see your life… Aproko FC
I rushed with holyghost speed to see if boda looku will be waiting somewhere

sure he was


We kept staring at each other like nothing happened… well, nothing happened. 

I became really sad that with everything, all we could do was stare. Chai! e pain me gan. Angrily, I turned to go back inside church o

but then I remember, if mountain do not go to mohammed, mohammed should drop pride and go to mountain.

Abi, karo so modi, karo di moso

ki idi sha maa gbofoo😂😂😂😂
I boldly went to him and said hi

then he replied casually, hello

I was pissed but not very pissed

because he quickly added

‘I like your outfit’
bodaaàaaaa, haba!  fear God o

you like outfit or the wearer?😩

anyway, no problem.
This is where I became really pissed

how can a cute guy like this be shy

what is wrong with Africa sef

why won’t he just say what’s on his mind

I then left with a frown on my face to attend my meeting.

jejely reading a book before the meeting kick start o and thinking about how the brain misinterpret things most times.

As I try to wave the issue behind me, alas! Mr looku looku appeared

this time I was practising my lines of response which will be bloody
But calmly, he tapped my shoulder as I pretends not to see him

oh! can I help you, I added as I turn around? 


I didn’t get your name the other time

hmm! you just melt my anger

oh! I didn’t get yours either

formal intro and phone numbers  follow suit. 
wait for next part……….:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: