My husband is a liar-Mercy Aigbe

Multi-talented Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe whose marriage is in crisis due to domestic violence debunked the “lies” told against her by her husband. 

She took to her instagram page with the picture above to express her disappointment towards the things her husband said in the course of his own side of the story.

She called him a liar and pointed out several of his statement as fabricated lies against her personality. 

“Dear Lanre Gentry,  it breaks my heart that I have to do this but you have left with no choice…I had sleepless night because I couldn’t comprehend while someone I loved, someone with whom I have a child will be bent on destroying me… I just couldn’t comprehend”. 

“I read with tears in my eyes all the lies you fabricated against me, lies you feel will justify your inhumane act; lies you feel will gain you public sympathy and lies calculated to bring my person to public opprobrium”.

She alleged him of claiming

1.That she is mentally unstable

2.That he caught her with different men

  1. That she neglected her responsibilities towards her parent
  2. A man got her apartment

She said these are lies upon lies as she challenged her dear husband to back up his class with evidence.

She explained further to the general public that this is not the first time she had been beaten by her husband and told him to provide evidence else she will add another lawsuit to the one existing stating that her team has been the reason she kept quiet for so long.


I pray for quick recovery for our darling TV queen.



Uche Maduagwu is once again trolling his female colleagues. His focus is towards Mercy Aigbe whose marriage is currently in a crisis.
The controversial actor is claiming that he correctly predicted Mercy Aigbe’s marriage crash. Recall  he posted via his social media page weeks ago in January that there’d be three celebrity marriage crash this year.. and then in February, he claims a Female Celebrity marriage is about to crash..
He claimed the marriage crash he was referring to in February was Mercy Aigbe’s“One more marriage will crash again this next month”.

“Shame on all my celebrity friends who doubted me some weeks ago, when I said a particular actresses marriage was about to crumble like the wall of Jericho, thank goodness it has come to the public now, also, earlier this year, I made a prophecy that many female celebrity marriages will crash in Nigeria.

“To all those who criticized and called me names, shame on you all.. I told you all about this actresses case some time ago, but you all didn’t believe me.
“Anyways, there is another female celebrity whose marriage is also going down next month…watch out, it’s also because of domestic violence.
“That’s what you get when you marry an aspiring boxer as a husband.”

Ex-BBNaija Receives Ambassadorial Appointment From IMO State.

BBNaija ex-house mate Uriel was appointed by the IMO state governor as the Ambassador for IMO State carnival.
According to the Governor, Uriel made him and the entire state proud while she was in the Big Brother House.


“Welcome back home and thank you very much for making us proud and I hereby appoint you officially this morning as the Ambassador for the carnival, God bless you”.