Do you consider yourselg a ‘love by all’ kind of person? 

Do you have issues going against the norms?

Have you always had the feeling that people are talking about you when you walk by? You find yourself interpreting every facial expression and a little giggle or laugh gets your attention which serve as a paradigm shift of your emotions, you always think everyone is talking about you.

 You always consider yourself as someone who should please everybody, hurt no one and pay attention to everyone’s details.

You prefer satisfying others at the expense of your joy. You’ve literarily shut out the small still voice that serves as a driver to your destiny fulfilment and now your heart is filled with guilt and pain that cannot be expressed openly.  

Being a normal person as been your kind of life… 

Newsflash: Normalcy is for average people… The newest thread now is abnormality. 

Little did you know that most rules and regulations that you follow religiously are compiled, edited and pass to law to suit the authors.

when you sit all by yourself, you find out that a part of you is empty but, hey! You’re not the notice me kind of person. You see yourself as unfit in most gathering therefore you give excuses for every outing.

you hide the potentals in you to the extend that most times it consume you and you feel like burning to Ashes…

Anytime you find yourself among people, you resolve to speaking less or rather battle with your compiling mouth odour, because you feel those who talk are better than you or maybe, they’ll laugh at your grammar forgetting that inspite of the number of times that Patient Jonathan get mocked because of her bad grammar, she never cease to speak up and she never allow that deficit rub her off her position as the first lady. 

Your confidence level is fine tuned by the opinion of people. You’ve lost the YOU in you because you never want your name in people’s black book and this as only earn you a title “tissue paper”

No one ever need a used tissue paper as a new ply is what is required to wipe out dirt.

 The dream of greatness you’ve once dreamt has turned to an illusion fueled by fear. And you only view your life in the hazy lens of another human like you.
You’ve allowed YOU to be buried in the myths of life always seeking solace in the the opinions of people around you… you’ve refused to explore the wonders imbedded in you.

Until now, the roar of fear has kept you captive both mentally, physically and emotionally…

Breaking News: you remain the pilot of your life. You alone is that world best captain that can sail your life purpose towards a desirable result… The human mind is confused so never allow their confusion deter your determination and always remember that you are planted upon a hill which means you cannot be hidden… 

start basking in your light…let it shine brighter. Spread your wings now and soar higher than your limitations. 




This morning I woke up feeling a bit indifferent about life and the decisions I’ve made as far as I’ve existed…
Life is beautiful yet ugly

Many times I wonder why for some individual, pain supercede their pleasure and while pleasure surpass pain for others.

I’ve been around for a while and I can tell you that life and death are two sides of same coin… We are all born to believe that there is no human without a mission to fulfil while on earth.

Determination has been the driving force towards achieving those mission; people have often fail on their journey due to limitation in their thought.

It is assumed that greatness does not come easy to everyone after the first fall of man in the garden of Eden. 

However, things shouldn’t be totally unachievable if only man learns from histories.

Have you ever wonder why your life in moving in retrospective manner…well, struggle has been a part of man after the fall and genuine people who wouldn’t cut corners to success get their ass burnt by the sons and daughters of the serpent which deceived Eve. 

Inspite of the bitterness and lack of sanity that has clouded the world you belong; your mission can be fulfilled with determination and self trust.

Several people do not understand the level of power they possess just because they are subjected to some societal norms… it’s time to look up to those dreams and hopes and get back on your feet toward achieving your goals.

According to a saying “if you can dream it, you can do it”

Now I say, if you can look up to it by making it your only focus then you can get up to it.

Start Now…


“Everyone is born with a destiny to fulfil, either big or small”
Life has been such a dilemma…

living a life under the dictate of your society can be equate to not having a choice to choose between life and death…

As a young girl, I always wonder why the male child are treated with so much adoration… I inquire to know what makes them special and always wished I was born a male child.
from inception, female children are perceived as second class citizens who need to hang on to the shoulders of their “male lord” for attention. 

It worries me when I hear things like “shut up, let him speak” 

The love of wanting to be a male child soon became hatred for the gender… I began to wish they all go into extinction sooner… (laugh)

Apparently, it won’t happen as we need each other to survive.

For years as I grow up, I have been monitoring the thread in marriages and I realise that even older women struggles with their male counterparts inspite of the love both party profess….

why would anyone want a fellow being like him become a waste product…A raw material that has never been used can never be condemned as waste.

Husbands compel their wives to be ‘fool house wives’ instead of ‘full house wives’… 

 A full house wife is someone who maximises her God given potentials in line to making her husband great while ‘fool house wife’ drains her husband of all his potentials and moves on to the next prey…

Are you a ‘fool or full’ house wife…