This morning I woke up feeling a bit indifferent about life and the decisions I’ve made as far as I’ve existed…
Life is beautiful yet ugly

Many times I wonder why for some individual, pain supercede their pleasure and while pleasure surpass pain for others.

I’ve been around for a while and I can tell you that life and death are two sides of same coin… We are all born to believe that there is no human without a mission to fulfil while on earth.

Determination has been the driving force towards achieving those mission; people have often fail on their journey due to limitation in their thought.

It is assumed that greatness does not come easy to everyone after the first fall of man in the garden of Eden. 

However, things shouldn’t be totally unachievable if only man learns from histories.

Have you ever wonder why your life in moving in retrospective manner…well, struggle has been a part of man after the fall and genuine people who wouldn’t cut corners to success get their ass burnt by the sons and daughters of the serpent which deceived Eve. 

Inspite of the bitterness and lack of sanity that has clouded the world you belong; your mission can be fulfilled with determination and self trust.

Several people do not understand the level of power they possess just because they are subjected to some societal norms… it’s time to look up to those dreams and hopes and get back on your feet toward achieving your goals.

According to a saying “if you can dream it, you can do it”

Now I say, if you can look up to it by making it your only focus then you can get up to it.

Start Now…