“Everyone is born with a destiny to fulfil, either big or small”
Life has been such a dilemma…

living a life under the dictate of your society can be equate to not having a choice to choose between life and death…

As a young girl, I always wonder why the male child are treated with so much adoration… I inquire to know what makes them special and always wished I was born a male child.
from inception, female children are perceived as second class citizens who need to hang on to the shoulders of their “male lord” for attention. 

It worries me when I hear things like “shut up, let him speak” 

The love of wanting to be a male child soon became hatred for the gender… I began to wish they all go into extinction sooner… (laugh)

Apparently, it won’t happen as we need each other to survive.

For years as I grow up, I have been monitoring the thread in marriages and I realise that even older women struggles with their male counterparts inspite of the love both party profess….

why would anyone want a fellow being like him become a waste product…A raw material that has never been used can never be condemned as waste.

Husbands compel their wives to be ‘fool house wives’ instead of ‘full house wives’… 

 A full house wife is someone who maximises her God given potentials in line to making her husband great while ‘fool house wife’ drains her husband of all his potentials and moves on to the next prey…

Are you a ‘fool or full’ house wife…



It is a natural phenomenon for human beings to interact and engage in relationship and it’s pertinent to know that no relationship exist without ‘hiccups’ because our level of exposure and method of socialisation differs.

Domestic Violence has been from time immemorial but the sudden increasing rate is absurd.

A marriage does not exist without a formal agreement to certain things and wants of life. You cannot accept to go on a journey with total stranger because I believe that no matter how short, you will have a clue about your partner’s lifestyle.

It is often said that globalisation has both good and evil embedded in it. Back then, it is customary for African parents to do thorough background check on the partner of their child but now, reverse is the case in the modern parenthood (sad).

Domestic violence is often ignored as it usually happens behind closed doors and it gradually becoming a norm of marriage while people are being subjective about it.
Domestic violence is a universal phenomenon. I’ve heard several cases of domestic violence ranging from merciless beating, battery, Psychological and Emotional torture, Sexual Assault, Pouring of acid and even killing.

After several acclaimed and double checked assurance of love and support for each other irrespective of the situation; people still go ahead to hurt one another even to the extent of taking lives (pathetic).

On this note I say, get involve with a person for the right reasons.


  1. I want to get married to end loneliness: This awkward saying amaze me every time I hear it. Bro/Sis,  do you know little are the responsibilities attached to being single than married? If you’re not ready to be responsible for another person please enjoy being single.
  2. To achieve same status with friends: The uniqueness to every human is the time frame of their life success. It’s never too late or fast. Maintain your pace
  3. Societal pressure: Human beings make a way of life(culture) which in turn dictate their way of life. Every man to his/her cross.
  4. To run away from family problem: No one ever leaves his shadow behind. Tackle your issues and get ready for the intending family.
  5. Legalise sexual affair: No soup maintains its taste forever. See beyond body contacts.


In many cases of domestic violence, a therapeutic separation is necessary to gain safety and direct attention to the gravity of the need for change.
I know this will not go down well with many religious moguls but the truth is, only a living have a say.

  1. What will people say?
    This is what I termed “Personality Disorder” putting people before yourself is lack of certain deficiency in your life. Whether good/bad, it is expected that people will talk so why not care less about their opinion as noise doesn’t matter in a bargain involving two focus people.
  2. Where do I start from?

Start from that point that you are right now…

  1. I love him

Well, love is a two- edged sword when it have one edge, it is a knife. No one loves the dead to the extent of agreeing to be buried alive along the dead. Love must be on same lane… no one moves to fast lane leaving the other on service lane

  1. I can’t have a broken home

There’s a different between a home and a house… when it becomes scary and a no go area, it’s broken already. Stay healthy to build your home to a desirable stage. Women, do not provoke your husband to anger… Men love and cherish the good thing that you have found so that you can obtain favour

  1. Is for my children

Think about the psychological effect… 90% of every child from abusive home have the tendency of abusing their spouse. Sticking to an abusive marriage is like strengthening a generational curse. Break off the hold today and set your children free. Be alive for them.

I hereby call on the government, social workers,  the media and religious leaders to help lend a voice on this issue before it eats too deep into the fabric of our country.