My body My decision



Being a lady is not a sin and definitely not a mistake.

It is becoming a norm how those that didn’t even understand how we are created manipulate us to do things against our body. My heart goes to the ladies today.

I met a lady few weeks ago and we got taking but to my surprise, she called me one night and started crying. Immediately, I sat straight on my bed to hear her story and it went thus,

“I’m tired of this world and I think I should end it now but your words (mine) kept me imaging if truly you exist in this same  world”. I was wondering how I could have inspired this young woman then I asked her what she’s thinking. She went further to explain.



“I have been in a relationship for over four years and what I can say that I’ve enjoyed is sex nothing more because that’s the only love language that my boyfriend understand and I had to cope with it even though I don’t find it easy and because I don’t want to loose him to another lady but when I met you, you gave me another interpretation of being a lady and I’ve been thinking how to pull out, I made an attempt to tell him that I’m tired of the kind of love life that we are living and I wish to put an end to it then he flared up saying it should be a dream”. Please i need your advice as she finally finds her breath.

Hmm! The tears that gathered in my eyes finally drops…


This is for all my dearest

Ladies, I need you to know that whatever happens to your your body should be with your consent and no one else. Being in a relationship should not make you loose your identity as a lady. He asked for your permission to engage you in a relationship and you accepted,  I’m sure he should do same when he want to have anything to do with your body which you have to weigh the advantage and disadvantage before consenting. The world we live in is a world of choices and knowing when to take the right decision matters a lot as the consequences might be dangerous.  My body, My decision likewise Your body should be your decision… This should be a food for thought.

{Take charge today and breakfree}♡♡